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Wedding and Venue Pricing Near Wichita KS

Looking for the perfect venue near Wichita KS for your special day? Our venue pricing is tailored to meet various needs and preferences.

Please contact us for 2-day or full weekend rates.

2024 Venue Prices 

  • Saturday: $3000
  • Friday: $2700
  • Sunday – Thursday: $2300
  • Monday – Thursday: Non-wedding events are $200 per hour with a 3-hour minimum (please contact us to discuss your type of event).
Hidden Cedars Venue Styled Shoot

Additional Amenities for Rent

chocolate fountain

Chocolate Fountain: $300 – Sephra 27″ 3-tier Aztec 10lb capacity chocolate fountain. We provide the fountain, skewers, and 12 lbs of genuine Sephra chocolate, and clean up of the machine. You simply bring your preferred dipping foods, napkins, and plates.

Ice cream machine venue pricing
Bottle warmer venue pricing

Ice Cream Machine Venue Pricing: $350 – Ice cream bar. Our Taylor soft serve ice cream machine can serve 2 different flavors with the option to use the center handle and do a twist that combines both flavors. Chocolate and vanilla will be provided, and we clean up the machine. Additionally, we supply fudge and caramel flavored toppings that are heated with a Sephra warming system. 


Note: Due to increasing issues with peanut allergies, nuts are not provided.

Margarita and slushy machine venue pricing

Margarita and Slushy Machine Venue Pricing: $150 – Margarita/Slushy machine. Our double-sided machine holds up to 3 gallons per side. We supply your choice of available drink mix and clean up the machine. We only provide the base mix. We do not supply any alcohol that your mix may require.

Lighted column

Lighted Column: $300 – 8′ lighted columns. All 8 of these indoor battery-operated columns can be placed anywhere in the venue. The lights are battery-operated and programmable. They are programmable for color choice and can also be programmed to be in sync with one another.

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